The Designer

The Designer

FourCuatro was designed by Joseph Melendez. Joseph was born in Plano, TX, and grew up in the Greater Austin area. He attended Lake Travis High School, and he is now a mathematics student at the University of Texas at Dallas. Joseph has always been a passionate gamer.

He developed FourCuatro because he wanted to create a unique and uncomplicated play experience- one that combined creativity, skill, and of course, FUN. The exact kind of game he wanted to play did not yet exist- so he made it up!


His goals when creating FourCuatro were to come up with a game that was:

1. Uncomplicated.
He wanted a game that did not take hours to understand. Because this card game is less complex than other popular card games, it’s the perfect “gateway to card gaming.” Here’s an example: One way there is less complexity in this game is that no spell or trap cards in the deck¬†persist in play throughout the whole game. That means there is less to keep track of at any given time during FourCuatro.

2. Accessible to non-gamers.

Can’t play your other card games with your brother/friend/cousin/neighbor/girlfriend? Teach them FourCuatro! Because of the lenticular game design, advanced gamers will find complex strategic depth in the game, but new players will not perceive the game as difficult. The game will be challenging and fun for everyone! Finally, a game to share with the non-gamer in your life.

3. No other materials necessary.

Unlike other games that use dice, notepads, or different tracking tools- you don’t need any of it with FourCuatro.